Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Introduction to the Gospel for Muslims

On September 11, 2001, many Americans turned on the news to see the World Trade Center towers in New York City burning from two planes slamming into them. A plane had crashed into the Pentagon building in New York City as well. Another plane was downed in the Pennsylvania countryside as the passengers overwhelmed the hijackers in the cockpit. Who was behind these attacks? None other than the al-Qaeda terrorist group, affiliated with the religion of Islam. Soon after, we were sending our troops into Afghanistan to take down the Taliban and search for Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, who was assassinated by a secret Navy group in May 2011, nearly 10 years after the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.

Is this Islam, however? Good question, but I'm not sure it can be answered in that way. Islamic scholars, both Islam and non-Islam will fall on either side of the aisle on this one. The problem is that the news agencies tend to get the guy that says that violence is the logical conclusion of Islam and we should be wary of anyone who looks Arab or looks like a Muslim. Christians fall for this, hook, line, and sinker. I receive those wonderful spam emails about new plots against the U.S. and how President Obama is a closet Muslim and that Muslim next door is probably an al-Qaeda terrorist. Should we, as Christians, be fearful of such things?

My answer is a resounding no. So, why another blog? The aim of this blog is to educate you, the reader, of some of the beliefs of Islam, and how we, as Christians can use that to share the Gospel of Christ with them. Muslims are all around us. They are your neighbors. Most of them do not want to harm you, despite beliefs to the contrary. In fact, they probably would like to be friends with you. Are you going to condemn them to Hell for one rogue faction? They're already condemned to Hell; that's not your responsibility or place. Your mission is to make disciples of all people groups as commanded in Matthew 28.  In that same verse, Jesus declares that He has all authority in Heaven and on Earth. That means that you, as a Christian, have the responsibility of sharing the Gospel with them.

My prayer is that this blog will encourage you in your faith, and that it will be informative to you. You may be wondering about what that guy said about the Muslim next door on the news show. I assure you, it probably is not true. God is greater than any religious belief system. We must not put our national pride above our Christianity either. To do so will deny our very identity in Christ. We are Christians first before we are Americans, regardless of where we were born. Let that be our strength and our guide. Subscribe to the blog via your RSS reader or Email and follow me on Twitter to say updated on new posts.