Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Down Syndrome Babies Are Being Murdered

Zach Nielson writes:

I just got back from a run in our neighborhood.  On the way I passed a woman with Down's Syndrome.  These days whenever I see a person with this syndrome it always sobers me, saddens me, and angers me.  Why would that be?

Because today 90% of women who are given the news that their baby in the womb has Down's, elect to have that child terminated through abortion murdered.  I know that language sounds quite harsh and potentially inflammatory.  But shouldn't we call it what it is?  If we can agree that it is a human person in the womb, (we don't need a Bible to prove this, just a 10th grade science class) shouldn't we call it what it is?  If it is a human person in the womb, should we be shocked when we hear the word "murder"?  Shouldn't that shock lead us to stop the practice of it instead of softening language so that people's feelings don't get hurt by the word "murder"?

Technology is taking us to very a dark place.   We should see it coming.  The days are looming upon us when we'll be able to know everything about the baby in the womb.  Things beyond characteristics such as hair color, eye color and potential height to tendencies towards certain personality distinctions or even certain diseases.

Could we be inadvertently creating a "master race" of people through abortion?  Should this not cause us to shutter? (See Eugenics) Can you imagine a culture where people are constantly wondering, "Wow, how did they guy make it out?  He is a freak!  I wish he had been terminated."  If it is acceptable to terminated a child simply because they have Down's Syndrome and a parent doesn't want to deal with this challenge, what other types of kids should we add to the list?  The scope of technology in the future is going to allow our list to be extremely long. 

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Just so you know, we have always refused the genetic testing of the baby in the womb, three times now, much to the surprise of at least one doctor. It's unneccesary, to be honest, if the baby has been created by God, as we believe all babies are. To destroy that life is to play God with your body, regardless of the politics of abortion. Let's stop this playing God with genetics. You become as bad as the Nazis when you start selective abortions.