Thursday, October 20, 2011

What if Mitt Romney were a Muslim?

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Image via Wikipedia"]Mitt Romney[/caption]

The question has to be asked. What if any of the candidates were a Muslim? Would we even be looking at their values what they stand for, or would we only see their religion? Mormonism and Islam have both very similar histories, so similar that I would almost call Mormonism the Islam of America.  Both have founders that claim to have had visions from angels. Both founders claim to have seen golden tablets from God on which contain the words written down in their respective books, the Qur'an and the Book of Mormon. Both religions have violent beginnings to establish themselves, including their own 9/11s.

We also have to really question as to whether or not Mitt Romney really represents the values of the true follower of Jesus Christ. He only became pro-life when it became expedient to do so. In other words, it never appears that he became pro-life out of conviction. Maybe he did, but I've never seen it.  What about the healthcare debacle in Massachussetts? He's all for forcing people to buy into healthcare whether or not they want to or can.  Religion also should play a big part in anyone's daily and personal life. As a Mormon, Romney holds to a lot of ideals which do not line up with the Bible at all. For someone to call Mormonism a cult is one thing, but in reality, it's another religion.

They do not consider non-Mormons to be Christian, but consider them to be apostate, much like Islam. They believe they will become gods and Jesus was not divine, but only a man become god. They subjugate their women and their women have very little place in the kingdom to come except to continue to be "slaves" to the men, much like Islam again. Is someone who follows this religion someone you want as President? Too many Christians have fallen in love with Glenn Beck, another famous Mormon. In all honesty, it's rather sickening. We justify it about as much as justifying divorce.

To be honest, I think we would have a harder time a candidate if he were Muslim than if he were Mormon, just because of the stigma attached to it, even though there's very little difference between the two religions except for the monotheism of Islam. My point is that we cannot justify getting past one person's religion when it probably defines who they are. As well look at the presidential candidates, we must look at their voting records, their values, and their personal life. All of this can define who a person is. There's only one person in the field that is consistent in everything he does, but I'll leave it to you to do the examining to find out who that is. His initials are R. P.