Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[Audiobook Review] "The Radical Question" by David Platt

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In The Radical Question, author and pastor David Platt wants you to ask of yourself what you would do with your life in light of what Jesus has asked of His followers, that is, to give up the American Dream and whatever else we hold on to in order to follow Jesus. Platt uses his experiences in traveling overseas to a Chinese house church and as a pastor of what could be considered a megachurch to show us that we are not following Christ's commands to follow Him in everything. We grasp for material goods, press for job promotions, and generally ignore Christ's commands to be light in the middle of a dark world. We are to be disciples and followers of Jesus, and yet, we care more about our iPhones and iPads than we do about the persecuted Church. In the past couple of years, I've felt this longing myself that I wasn't doing enough. Hence, one reason I recently left a job in a Christian university to pursue one among unbelievers. Platt's pamphlet of the same title as this audiobook helped change that perspective a little. As did continuing reading God's Word and the Holy Spirit's conviction. Are you being changed by the Gospel to chase after Christ? Or are you saving retirement to move to Florida and pick up sea shells on the beach?

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