Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Distasteful Halloween Decorations

WARNING: Graphic images

Yesterday, I wrote about Christians and Halloween. After seeing the second news story in a week about a 911 call with regards to a Halloween decoration, I felt it was time for a followup.  The first news story appeared on October 3 as the following:

Graphic Halloween decoration scares driver, prompts emergency response

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Halloween decorations are supposed to be scary, but one just off Organ Church Road in eastern Rowan County, NC scared a driver so much that he called 911, nearly prompting a full emergency response.

The call came into Rowan County's 911 Communication Center Monday morning.

The caller said that he saw what appeared to be a man trapped under a riding lawn mower.

Emergency responders and an ambulance were dispatched to rush to the scene, but before they could get going, someone who heard the dispatch called 911 to assure them that what the original caller saw was a Halloween decoration, not a person trapped beneath a lawnmower.

The second news story appeared today, October 5 as:

Another Halloween display triggers 911 call, emergency response

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Another North Carolina Halloween display triggered an emergency response – this time it was a "man" hanging by his hands from the rain gutter of a South Charlotte home.

The first incident happened earlier this week in Rowan County when a driver saw what he thought was a  bloody body under a riding lawnmower. The Rowan County motorist called 911.(Click here to read that story and listen to 911)

The latest false alarm happened Wednesday around 9:00 a.m. when a person on Houston Branch Road in Charlotte thought they saw a man who had lost a ladder and was in big trouble.

The reporting person said they saw a man hanging by his hands from the gutters on the roof of a home.

The Charlotte Fire Department was dispatched to the scene in the 2900 block of Houston Branch Road.

The "man" was actually a dummy and was hanging by its hands from the gutter of a home.

Too far or just clean fun? It seems that by the comments, many readers are suggesting they think it's too far. Why is it that people have plenty of problems with Nativity and Cross scenes around Christmas and Easter, but have very few problems with scenes such as the ones mentioned in the news articles. And they say Christians are hypocritical. Then again, the people who set up the decorations may claim Christianity as well, but who's judging motives here.