Friday, December 16, 2011

Is Sharia Law a danger to the U.S.?

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I had an interesting conversation on Twitter yesterday regarding Sharia Law. Basically, it started when someone asked me about a post from James White regarding a visit to the White House by an Islamic group. White's concern seems to be that the Obama Administration will make discussion of Islamic ideologies illegal, in the name of tolerance. This is a valid concern, as we've seen the debate over homosexuality headed this way. It's all but illegal to suggest that homosexuality is sin. I'm not so sure that this is cowering to Sharia Law, however, or that Sharia Law is even a real threat to our liberties here in the U.S.  The U.K. has allowed experiments with Sharia Law in it's Muslim enclaves and they have had a few issues with it, partly because I don't think the authorities understood what all Sharia Law entailed. However, I see no evidence that it really affected the non-Muslim citizen, meaning that U.K. law was not subjected to Sharia Law. So, you tell me. Do you think Sharia Law is a threat to our liberties in the U.S.?
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