Thursday, December 8, 2011

Does it get better?

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There's a campaign that has been established and promoted by Seattle radio host Dan Savage called, "It Gets Better." The campaign seeks to focus on gay bullying in schools and to encourage those who are being bullied that life gets better as a homosexual. The good is that that there is a focus on bullying. All bullying is wrong no matter what. All of us may have been bullied at some point or another. Bullying simply needs to stop. The problem with this campaign is that it's aim as with most campaigns like it takes such a narrow focus on bullying as if it's assuming that bullying of homosexuals is the only bullying there is. It's obviously false that bullying of homosexuals is the only bullying there is, but not according to the homosexual lobby. The other accusation flying around is that to call homosexuality a sin is an act of bullying, hate, and bigotry. That too could not be more false. President Obama himself has promoted the "It Gets Better" campaign.

Bullying at all levels should stop and those who seek to stop those who believe that homosexuality is a sin just as murder, lying, adultery, and divorce are sins are being bullies themselves. They seek to bully us into shutting up.  Christianity has gotten a bad rap with regards to how we have responded to homosexuals. We have shown little compassion to homosexuals, condemning them, refusing to talk to them. Yet, we must still be bold in our stand that the act of homosexuality is a sin. One can be tempted toward sin, yet sin not. We must pray for those that are tempted to sin and pray that they will turn to God instead. Does it get better? Not if you follow the route to "It Gets Better" campaign. It only gets better if you trust Christ as your Lord and Savior and allow him to change your heart and your life. All other roads lead to destruction.

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