Thursday, August 11, 2011

[Book Review] Desiring God by John Piper

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This is an old book, but this is a review of the 25th Anniversary version as provided by Multnomah Books free for review.

Desiring God is John Piper's seminal work on Christian Hedonism. Six years ago, I only had read one book by John Piper and it was rather unwillingly. That book, now one of my favorites, was Let the Nations be Glad. Since then, I have read Future Grace, When I Don't Desire God, and Brothers, We Are Not Professionals. I have come to love Piper's writing. All of these books stem from Desiring God. It is the root of nearly everything that Piper has written since, other than the Bible.

The word hedonism has a bad connotation. Piper has taken the word, added Christian to it, and made it a positive thing. His whole point is centered around glorifying God. God's purpose is to glorify himself through His creation. Even if He did not create us or all that is around us, He would be glorified and enjoy Himself. This is not egotistical, as assumed, but is glorifying. Piper lays out his case in this book. This 25th anniversary edition also features a new preface, and a list of study questions at the end of the book for either personal study or small group study. If you want to get to the root of Piper's thinking and understand Christian Hedonism, this is the book to do it.

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