Monday, May 6, 2013

Culture Is Not the Problem

Ken Ham - Answers in Genesis
This past weekend, we had the opportunity to attend the 2nd Annual Teach Them Diligently homeschool convention in Spartanburg, SC which featured speakers such as Ken Ham, Lou Priolo, Stephen Kendrick, and other well-known speakers/authors from the homeschool community. I attended a number of Ken Ham's sessions, of which he laid out how the Church has lost a measure of authority, because many pastors are teaching their congregations that Genesis 1-11 are not entirely true. While churches are teaching that the coming, death, and resurrection of Jesus are absolutely true, they are leading their congregations astray by allowing science to dictate what is "true" about the origins of the universe and mankind. I've known this for some time, as I've read pieces by Tim Keller detailing his views on how Genesis 1 means one thing with regards to creation and Genesis 2 is something else. I doubt he does that with the rest of scripture. The Christian group, BioLogos, exists to link evolution, millions of years, and the Bible together. In fact, this was the whole reason the Teach Them Diligently conference was started last year because a similar conference in South Carolina had an issue with Mr. Ham calling out Peter Enns on this very issue.

In short, Mr. Ham's point was that because the Church has decided that they would use a different hermeneutic in interpreting Genesis 1-11, we have lost and are losing the so-called "Culture Wars." How? Because we have no more credibility when we don't fully interpret the Bible correctly. We lose on marriage because Genesis 2 and 3 details God creating the marriage of man and woman, not man and man, or woman and woman. Why we need a Savior is in Genesis 3. If we start interpreting the Bible according to what Science says, how can we have much credibility? How can we justify the need for a Savior if we say we came from apes or that dinosaurs could not have been created the same day as man?

The Church is the problem in that they are not teaching the whole counsel of God. They have lost the full meaning of the Gospel message by not correctly interpreting the Bible. They don't want the Bible to say what it means or mean what it says. They want day in Genesis 1 and 2 to mean something other than day when it doesn't mean something other than day in the rest of the Bible. Let's stop playing around with man-made science and look at God's science and what he really says about His creation and get down to the real Gospel. When we start giving out the real Gospel, only then can hearts truly start being changed.
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