Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Funny - Rise of the Homeschool Mommy Bloggers

#Crazyisgood—“iPotty for iPad = high-tech toil...
#Crazyisgood—“iPotty for iPad = high-tech toilet training” / SML.20130110.SC.PublicMedia.CNET.News.8301-17938_105-57563056-1.ipotty-for-ipad-aims-for-high-tech-toilet-training.Crazyisgood.Kids.Edu.Opinions (Photo credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)
The other night my wife and I were having a discussion about homeschool mommy bloggers while doing dishes. Here's what we came up as a picture of them.

1. 15 Passenger Van.
2. Minimum 6 kids
3. Nursing at least 1 kid, potty training another.

Now, when do they have time to blog or homeschool?

Driving one kid to soccer practice, another to dance, and another to debate class, nursing one, the 2 year old is sitting on a portable potty somewhere in the back, dictating to their iphone what needs to be posted on the blog.

Now, have fun picturing that one in your head.
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