Thursday, January 19, 2012

SOPA, PIPA and the Christian

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Yesterday, many internet sites decided to "blackout" their sites in protest of two bills currently sitting in Congress. One is the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA - House Bill 3261) and the other is the Protect IP Act (PIPA - Senate Bill 968). Both are dangerous bills to America's freedom of information on the internet. While I do believe that companies should be able to receive the money that is due them, and that these bills are well-intentioned, I also believe that these bills go too far. As followers of Christ, we should be opposed to online piracy and be willing to fight it whenever we can. However, the language of these bills indicates that every site on the internet will be succumbed to scrutiny and could be seized if even one complaint is raised. Religious sites could be easy targets by those who don't like religion. We've seen this happen in the Apple store when a few complaints caused the takedown of some Christian apps because of "anti-homosexuality" issues with the apps. This could happen widespread on the internet with these bills. I could not write what I do without the fear that I could be taken down because one person felt I infringed on his liberties. Do you see the hypocrisy yet? Or even the dangers? I realize these bills are supposed to be targeting online copyright and piracy infringement. Yet, they can and most likely will be abused for so much more. Contact Congress and let them know the dangers of these bills.
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