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The Final Four (G.O.P. style)

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So, the Republican race for the G.O.P. nomination for President is now down to four, with attacks mostly coming from the top two nominees in South Carolina. The contenders are Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul. If you know me, you know that I'm probably going to vote for Ron Paul. In this day before the South Carolina "first-in-the-south" Open Primary, I'm going to give you another quick run-down of the candidates, with my take on them.

Newt Gingrich was the Speaker of the House in Congress in the 1990s under President Bill Clinton. He is primarily responsible for pushing a balanced budget in the '90s and keeping a Democratic President in check with a Republican Congress. That's about the only good thing I can come up with on him. He is a Southerner (from Georgia) and that's probably why a lot of people around here like him. It's how Jimmy Carter got elected.  Newt has also flip-flopped on issues over the years, so that you don't which way he may go on an issue. He is a conservative, pro-life candidate. He has "returned" to the Catholic faith in recent years and claims to be a family one-woman man now. I don't trust him. He's a rich politician, as they all are, and yet, his personal life has been in shambles. Who is there to believe about his personal life with other women? And yet, he wants to deny what his ex-wife (whom he cheated on) is saying about him with regards to open marriage. We've seen this type of person in the White House before with and intern.

Mitt Romney is the former governor of Massachusetts and a businessman who has made a lot of money. He practically saved the Salt Lake City Olympics from going under through his business skills. He is a good businessman. He claims to be pro-life, which is another point toward him. However, he is a Mormon. Now, you may say, so what to the religion side of things, but can Mormons be trusted. They are wishy-washy on their doctrine when it becomes expedient to do so. Their founding and doctrines are very closely related to Islam (with the exception of the everyone becomes a god thing), so much so that they have earned the label, the Islam of America.  If Romney were a Muslim, I'm pretty certain that he would definitely not be leading in the way that he is. The problem with Romney is that he's not consistent in his politics. He was pro-abortion and now is against it. He was for mandated healthcare (instituting it in Massachusetts) and now he's against it. So, who is the real Romney? What's to say he won't change when he's in the White House. He may be another Obama and just full of broken promises.

Rick Santorum was the Senator from Pennsylvania before being ousted by Bob Casey in 2006. Santorum also worked alongside Newt Gingrich in the '90s to push the balanced budget and welfare reform to President Clinton. That being said, he is also very much for racial profiling, even saying that all Muslims should be suspect. Now, who's to say who's a Muslim or not? Can you simply tell by the color of their skin? He wants to keep the Patriot Act around which gives unprecedented powers to the Federal Government over our liberties.  He's all for the failed "No Child Left Behind" law which basically passes children on whether or not they learned what they're supposed to or not. He has voted for many spending bills during his time as a Senator when President Bush was in office. He believes the War in Iraq was justified, when it is widely known that it was a made-up war. Now Santorum may be a family guy. He has a large family and cares about special needs children, even having one of his own. He is very pro-life. He is a homeschool dad and he too is Catholic.  I don't believe he is the fiscal conservative that the White House needs. Romney and Gingrich may be better at fiscal matters.

Ron Paul got into politics because of fiscal matters. Try to find some dirt on him and you won't find any. Most of what you find are distortions of truth and hatchet jobs. One newspaper recently tried to make the case that Paul was using taxpayer money to fly first class when he could be flying coach to save money. That's quite hypocritical considering that probably all the candidates are flying first-class. Paul is the only candidate who doesn't have a house worth over $1 million (it's for sale at about $350K).  Paul desires smaller government, the withdrawal of most of our troops from places around the world in order to rebuild our military to do what they were originally built for - to protect our nation, a securing of our national borders, the abolishment of many federal departments such as the IRS, education, and many others, and he is pro-life.  Some have taken issue with parts of his pro-life stance in his pushing it to the states. But, as a constitutionalist, he's pretty right on this. Unless an amendment is put to the Constitution, it is the state's right to ban or allow abortion on demand. He is the only candidate, I believe that doesn't believe in exceptions to abortion, such as in cases of rape or the woman's life is in danger. Many say his foreign policy stinks. But in reality, it makes sense. Our military is stretched thin, being the world's policeman in many quite random places. He's not anti-war, but he is for "just war". The Iraq War was not just, whereas the Afghanistan conflict was until we lost our focus, that is, not going after Bin Laden.  To be honest, Ron Paul makes the most sense for a Constitutional President. He has what it takes to bring the government back down out of it's debt. President Obama has created more debt in 4 years than Bush did in 8 and there are still people who think he's done something good.  The only promise he's kept is doing something about healthcare, and he only broke it even more.

In Summary, my vote is and will be with Ron Paul. I don't trust the other three candidates, based on their records, religion, and personal lives. Ron Paul is a committed Christian and he lives by his beliefs in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only candidate to put a statement of faith on his website. He supports homeschooling and believes in school choice.  He is consistent on every issue he has fought on while in Congress. This will probably be his last time to run for President. Let's make it count and let's not make it something we'll regret. Do you really want another George W. Bush in the White House or do you really want Obama to keep his position? Incidentally, have you noticed how much the media doesn't highlight Ron Paul very much? It's usually Romney in first, Gingrich in third, and Santorum in fourth in the media. The media knows something the average voter hasn't latched onto yet. Paul is probably the only candidate that could take on Obama well.
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