Friday, October 22, 2010

Do You See the Cross?

Whenever we are exiting the interstate to get to where our church is, I hear the voice of my three year-old from the back seat asking the question, "Do you see the cross?" Now, this question is directly related to the fact that our church sign by the road has a huge cross on top of it. And yes, you can see it, as you enter the road from the interstate exit. This question has two meanings, however. Spiritually, do we see the cross?
I should mention the fact that across the road, there are the buildings of two cults. There is both a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses and a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We are a Reformed Baptist church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Yet, we have a huge cross in front of our church, while neither of those churches has any type of symbolism outside. Based on their beliefs, I believe they fail to see the cross at all, even if it is 30 feet tall (my best guesstimate as to how tall it is).
On another note, some years ago, Christian musician, speaker, and author John Fischer wrote a book called, "On a Hill Too Far Away ," referencing the cross. In it, he describes a church in New England that has a large wooden cross in the front of the church. One cannot miss it as one sits in a worship service as it just gets in the way. He talks about how today's churches simply miss the cross. They focus on what color their carpet should be or the style of worship music, all the while missing the cross.
C. J. Mahaney has written a book, "The Cross Centered Life ," also focusing on the cross. I cannot comment on this as I have not read it other than to say that I have the Songs for the Cross Centered Life that accompanies the book. So, let me ask this. Do you see the cross in your life? How is the cross at the center of your life? Do you know what the cross represents? The cross represents all the sin that we have committed. It has been nailed to the cross and we bear it no more, or says the hymn. Too often throughout the day, I don't see the cross. Some days, I don't even think of it that much, and I work for a Biblical University. 
I am reminded at least twice a week by a three year old to see the cross. May we see the cross daily and praise the Lord for the forgiveness of our sins.