Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Forty Years of Legal Holocaust

3D Ultrasound
3D Ultrasound (Photo credit: balleyne)
Today marks the 40th year of government-sanctioned legalized taking of human lives before they have even seen the light of day or taken a first breath. I make it sound horrible, because it is horrible. Amid all the hype about gun control, violence, and elementary school shootings, the death of the unborn is totally overlooked. President Obama overlooks it because he supports the killing of babies. Some may lambast me for that last argument, but if one supports "the woman's right to choose what she does with her body," then one supports the killing of babies.  But what about the cases of rape or incest? Two words...logical fallacy. Give me statistics on pregnancies in cases of rape, incest, and the abortions that follow.  More than likely, the statistics are extremely low.  But it's just tissue, or a fetus, or as I've heard the argument go, a parasite. More false arguments based on false science. You look at a live ultrasound and you tell me if that baby doesn't move it's hands, feet, suck it's thumb, wiggle around trying to avoid the ultrasound paddle. This is the great travesty of the past 40 years, that we have chosen to allow doctors to kill babies. We now have a government that has forced employers to pay for baby-killing drugs as well. If we truly want to protect our children, we will fight for the rights of the unborn. They are being killed in greater numbers each year than any gun violence statistics will show.
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