Thursday, July 26, 2012

Christian Ethics: Serving the homosexual community

Chick-fil-A (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Scenario: You work as a web developer and someone calls you up looking for a website for their  business. You give them your rates and how quickly you can have their website up and running, and they agree to everything, send you content, and you get to work. The business might be a local clothing store, for instance. You finish the website and they pay you and everything seems to be going okay. Sometime passes and the business owner calls you up again and asks about having another website built, but this one is for his upcoming nuptials. He would like a website that would celebrate his marriage to his partner, whom he tells you is also a male.

Do you:
A) Explain to him that you are a Christian and cannot work for him on this since you believe homosexuality is a sin?

B) Offer the suggestion that he might do better by uploading the photos to Flickr, Facebook, or Google+ and share them with friends and family that way?

C) Explain that you don't feel comfortable with such a request because of your belief system, but you know someone who could do the project?

D) Offer your suggestion here...

Note: this is sort of in response to the whole deal with Chick-fil-a being bullied because of what Dan Cathy did not say in his statements on Biblical marriage.
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