Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Caring for College Students

How do you care for the college students in your church who go away for college, but may come home for breaks occasionally? Do you talk to them when you see them again? Do you even know they are gone? What if you happen to be in the area where one of your students is attending? Do you make an effort to visit/contact them to encourage them? We had the opportunity to encourage one of the students from church this past weekend and we were encouraged at the same time. We knew we were going to be in the area a few months ago and my wife worked it out while we were there to visit the student. While visiting, we were able to take her to breakfast and just chat. When we got back to the campus, she showed us her room and had even re-arranged it the night before in anticipation of being able to show it off. While there, we were also able to pray for her and encourage her. Do you know our college students who go off to college feel like they don't belong when they come back? How do you encourage your college students?