Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The New York Times' Definition of Reproductive Health

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The title of a recent  New York Times article exposes their bias before they even start into the article. It's titled: Growth of Catholic hospitals may limit access to reproductive care and the first paragraph says the following:
As Roman Catholic leaders and government officials clash over the proper role of religion and reproductive health, shifts in health care economics are magnifying the tension. Financially stronger Catholic-sponsored medical centers are increasingly joining with smaller secular hospitals, in some cases limiting access to treatments like contraception, abortion, and sterilization.
We've seen this type of language coming out of the White House over all this hubbub over the federal government's role in forcing businesses and health insurers to provide nearly all types of "contraception" regardless of religious beliefs. This includes the RU-486 or Plan-B drug which is technically classified as an abortifacient. Apparently, abortion is now classified as "reproductive health" and "birth control" all in the name of women's reproductive "rights." Be warned! The media often controls the hearts and minds of Americans. Be not swayed by what the media says is a definition, when it's only a political maneuver.

Note: I directly linked the RU-486/Plan-B to the Planned Parenthood definition of them so you can see that even the abortion opponents call it an abortion pill. Don't be deceived.
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