Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thankful for Rob Bell

I'm thankful for teachers like Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, Greg Boyd, and others like them who openly teach heresy. Their teachings allow us the opportunity to examine the Word of God and confirm that what the Bible says it true, whether it's about Hell, the Sovereignty of God, homosexuality, the Omniscience of God, or even the salvation of people by God. Anytime a new teaching, or even an old teaching disguised as a new teaching, crops up, we need to look to the Bible to see what it says about that topic. We should not let our emotions overrule what the Bible says. Take for example, the many books on visiting Heaven out there. A recent one details a 4-year-old boy describing his experienced when he almost died. Everyone had wings, he sat on Jesus' lap, his great-grandfather and unknown sister talked to him, and possibly other things. Really? Can that be validated by Scripture? Revelation speaks of worshippers gathered before the throne of God singing, "Holy, Holy is the Lamb." As far as I can tell, certain types of angels are the only ones who have wings (read Isaiah 6 for a good description). I say all that to say this, we need to be thankful for heretics, because they send us to the Word of God to validate what God says and not what they say.